Davide Cozzolino

Davide Cozzolino

Davide Cozzolino
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Redux COURG - Hybrid Watches with Missions to Tackle project video thumbnail

Redux & Co. is raising funds for Redux COURG - Hybrid Watches with Missions to Tackle on Kickstarter! Watches inspired by mission critical pilot instruments, fused with diver tools. Powered by your adventures. Ridiculous value.

Williams Studio

A photographer’s studio over a boathouse on Stoney Lake is a re-imagination of the archetypal glass house in a landscape in the Canadian Shield. A continuation of thinking about this architectural ambition, the central conceit of the house is reconc


Yummygum is a design studio from Amsterdam that is all about tasty designs and refreshing ideas. They quote a minimalistic approach to life and their daily routine so it made sense to relay the concept to their office space.