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a painting of two men standing next to each other in front of an abstract background
a drawing of a person with yellow hair
Figura luce atmosfera – 1920
an old poster with the words futuristi aeropitori di cueera
La IX mostra dei futuristi aeropittori di guerra del gruppo futurista Savarè
a drawing with blue ink on white paper that has numbers and letters all over it
Marinetti - "Bоmbаrdаmеntо аеrео №67" (Аir Rаid №67) - 1916
an old poster with black and white writing on it
La sera sdraiati sul letto, 1919, Poster Futurismo FILIPPO TOMMASO MARINETTI | eBay
Avante Garde Art, Type Treatments, Art Appliqué, Pop Posters, Artist Models, Artist Life
L'esperienza estetica della scrittura
an old poster advertising the exhibition of art
Il Futurismo: le Edizioni Elettriche - Futurismo e teatro