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Survival Soft #dreavel #norcia #discoverumbria #umbria #toursinumbria #coursesA survival course adpapt for family, too. You will learn how to use a bow and how to use primitive weapon. You could know the techniques to fire up a pyre and how to orient in the wilde nature. The course will be in the wonderful landscape of Sibillini National Park in Umbria.

Avigliano Umbro

THE ART OF BREAD #dreavel #aviglianoumbro #discoverumbria #umbria #toursinumbria #courses Brad in Italy isn't only the main food of Mediterranean diet but also a life style. The course, will teach to you this life style and a lot of techniques to cook a fragrant, biological and natural bread. With you an able and expert chef who will show to you a lot of secrets. At the end of the course a gluttunous lunch with what have cooked and much more. Are you ready to put your hands in the paste?!


Course on steel industry and ancient goldsmith's art #dreavel #torgiano #discoverumbria #umbria #toursinumbria #courses For who loves practice activities this course on ancient goldsmith's art will be perfect. Inside a goldsmith lab in Torgiano (close to Perugia, in Umbria), next to an artisan, you could make jewels that etruscan culture showed. You could understand goldsmith techniques thanks to material and technologies and you will know some secrets of this kind of art.

Rignano sull'Arno

Cooking class in Tuscany - art of traditional cuisine #dreavel #rignanosull'arno #discovertoscana #toscana #toursintoscana #courses Cooking class in a wonderful country resort very close to Florence. During the course you will cook some traditional dishes of Tuscan Cuisine using fine raw material producted inside the farm of this agritourism. At the end of the course, a delicious lunch to taste everything cooked before in the convivial and funny atmosphere typical in Tuscany.


Course to learn to make a basket #dreavel #norcia #discoverumbria #umbria #toursinumbria #courses With this course you will learn an art that was invented in Preistoric Age. You will learn to recognise the rigt plants, to choose and to use in the rigth way.


Orvieto, so majestic on its tuff cliff, in the western corner of Umbria, will be the perfect place for a week dedicated to "study" and "pleasure". Besides the hours dedicated to the study, you will enjoy yourself visiting the wonderful city of Orvieto starting from the suggestive site of Orvieto Underground. Italian Language Course in Orvieto #dreavel #hiddentreasures #tourism #discoverumbria #umbria #toursinumbria #courses


All those who like to try their hand at the practical work of a artisan will surely appreciate this experience inside a laboratory of artistic ceramics in the birthplace of these true works of art, Deruta. At the end of this course it will be a great satisfaction to bring home a unique piece the fruit of your capabilities. A CREATIVE WEEKEND IN DERUTA #dreavel #hiddentreasures #tourism #discoverumbria #umbria #toursinumbria #courses