Burning at both ends...Hahaha

Burning the Candle at Both Ends.Still life: Bent Objects. Hillarious works of art!

Andy Warhol buying soup cans in 1962. He was completely unknown when this photograph was taken.

Manhattan, New York, New York, USA — Andy Warhol looking at Campbell’s soup cans in Gristede’s supermarket near his street studio called The Factory in New York. — Image by © Bob Adelman/Corbis


Magic / Spell Book - Cover made using polymer clay and a silicone mold of vintage album

Know your meats

Beef Made Easy: Infographic Cheat Sheet For Retail Beef Cuts and Recommended Cooking Methods

Raisin Hope...

Currently browsing Lovely Art of Bent Objects by Terry Border for your design inspiration

Geek Chart

Funny pictures about The Evolution of the Geek. Oh, and cool pics about The Evolution of the Geek. Also, The Evolution of the Geek.

Delete Cookies?

Please don't delete my cookies. I understand how you feel Cookie Monster!

Rotten Apple

Funny pictures about Creative apple carving. Oh, and cool pics about Creative apple carving. Also, Creative apple carving photos.

More subliminal

There goes my childhood. No wonder i always got a boner watching lion king. Thats one fine fe-line, if you know what i mean There goes my childhood No wonder i always got a boner watching lion king Thats one fine fe-line if you know what mean

Funny Geek Chart

There are so many kinds of geeks in our world today! What kind of geek are you? Scott Johnson helps you figure it out!

Knife Block

Throwzini’s Knife Block is a picture of the Voodoo Knife Holder before everything went terribly wrong and the poor guy ended up as not much more than a glorified pin cushion and scared off all the fun-loving carnival-goers


Brave Little Toaster! I want to draw this on my toaster right now!