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a woman is writing on a piece of paper at a desk in an art studio
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The Perfect Office - Artifox Desk 02, Volta V Wooden Computer and Office Ideas!
three wooden bowls that have different shapes and sizes of lips on them, one with red lipstick
Welcome to celia basto | 100% art
Something about mouths always gets my attention, I'm not sure is its because we can move mountains with words, or just because the sweetest moments are at the end of a kiss.
a man is working on a wooden statue
L'arte italiana di lavorare il legno
Bartolucci - l'arte italiana di lavorare il legno
a black and white cityscape is featured in this coloring book, with buildings all over the place
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an abstract drawing of city buildings in black and white
ROYAL378: Situs Bandar Togel Toto Online Terpercaya
Isometric Urbanism pt.1 by Herds Of Birds
several different types of vases are shown in this image, each with different designs on them
curated contemporary art /// evelyn tannus
ceramic tattoos by evelyn tannus
three different pictures of skulls on wooden boards with markers and pencils next to them
process-dribbble.jpg by Derrick Castle
Sugar Skull - Block Print by Derrick Castle Auf
a poster with the words love you're coming from don't look back
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We ♥ letterpress is the place for all letterpress printers and lovers. To make this beautiful traditional craft accessible for everyone, We ♥ letterpress has organized an international letterpress exhibition in collaboration with Zygote Press in Cleveland, Ohio USA from 20 April to 19 May 2012. Show at Zygote Press in Cleveland, Ohio.
a person holding flowers in their hand with tattoos on it's arms and arm
From Visual Overdose, via "sixsixcold"
a woman with an elaborate headdress is depicted in this art nouveau style painting
A Yoni is one of the most primeval forms of the goddess. She represents the origin of life, the womb or “secred temple” in Hindu philosophy, the creative force of the Shakti/Devi. Behind her you can see the moon phases which represent the female fertility. In this case the antlers contribute to convey the idea of the fertile uterus, From the neolithic period and before, the female archetype is frequently associated with horns and bucraniums.
a drawing of a woman with an elaborate headdress
- Yoni, lineart. [Facebook • DeviantArt • Blogspot]...
Yoni, lineart. [Facebook • DeviantArt • Blogspot]© Nataša Ilinčić, do not remove credits
four paintings of older people in wooden frames
Roma, Pigneto Cinema Impero - Street Art by Diavù
there is a metal plate with scissors and other items on it
Creative Gym - Exercise #5
Mixed Media Place: Creative Gym - Exercise #5