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Greene Vardiman Black's Classification of Caries Lesions Dentaltown - Greene Vardiman Black commonly known as G. Black, is known as the father of modern dentistry in the US.

Night time teeth grinding (Bruxism), can damage your teeth and cause you pain and discomfort. Find out what night time teeth grinding Is doing to your teeth, the causes, and the various treatment options. Treatment for Bruxism includes relaxation, drug therapy and getting professional dental night guards. #infographic #health

Bruxism, or grinding your teeth, facts is typically done at night. If you have headaches or a sore jaw. This could be a sign of sleep apnea. Contact your dentist or doctor if you think you may be grinding your teeth at night.

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Dental tourism is a relatively new industry around the world. It basically means that patients seek medical, in this case, dental treatment outside their home country. In the majority of these cases t