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DOS Listening

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Here the sound is king. But what is the shape of sound? Each designer will answer this question resorting to technology and imagination. These objects' primary function is to reproduce sound and notes. They transmit that pure perceptive pleasure only music can convey. They can also be radios and combine musical beauty with words, therefore turning into information sources and faithful, dear friends.

Benno Simma Audiospace 2011 NewTec

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FH007 and FH009 2012 Timothy Ferguson Hill

Marco Zanuso and Richard Sapper Radiocubo TS502/TS522 1964/1998 Briovega Collection

Francesco Pellisari and Elisabeth Frolet Omni - Atun 1996/2000

Francesco Pellisari Geminos 2012

Ross Lovegrove Muon 2007 KEF Audio

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LD 130 2012 La Boite Concept

Kosmos Project the Radio 2009

Jawbone Big Jambox 2012