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Don Questo is about experiences; the vessel has been chosen for scientific expeditions by scientists and researchers several times in the last few years and we are proud of it. Our boat is being chosen by people willing to leave true experiences and we are open to proposals and willing to organize special expeditions and experiences with you.
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#REDUCE #REUSE #RECYCLE Coming on board starting from this season you will discover what it means for us Reuse Reduce Recycle by our brand new aluminium bottles #stopplastic #noplastic

In the early spring of 2015, the Don Questo team generously sponsored five marine scientists from KAUST (the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia) to carry out marine science and education during a one-­‐week liveaboard cruise. The marine science team successfully completed a number of visual coral reef surveys.

You might remember Shark Stanley… in 2012 Don Questo Team decided to help Shark Stanley, a charismatic little hammerhead traveling the world to help protect sharks and rays, to protect himself and his friends.

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