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an island in the ocean with palm trees
Acque trasparenti ma che nascondono centinaia d’anni di storia, qualche tesoro sommerso.
two women doing handstands on the beach in front of blue water and mountains
L'incantevole spiaggia di Laginha
Michela Hats, Floppy Hat
a young woman sitting on the beach wearing a hat and smiling at the camera with blue water in the background
there is a boat that is in the water at the beach and some people are on it
La spiaggia di Laginha
there are many boats on the beach with a statue in the backgrouf
Il porticciolo di Mindelo
there is a tree on the beach by the water and people in the distance are walking
two women in white shirts and hats are holding a surfboard on the beach with blue water behind them
Lorena e le compagne sulla spiaggia di Sao Pedro
Lorena Running
three people are on the beach with surfboards and one person is holding a board
Team sulla spiaggia di Sao Pedro
a woman kneeling down on the beach with a camera in her hand and wearing a hat
Stefania reporter fotografica
a group of people standing on top of stone arches near the ocean with their arms in the air
Team sull'arco di Sao Vicente
four beautiful women in cowboy hats standing next to a white van on the beach near the ocean
Il team presso l'arco di Capo Verde
four women in white shirts and shorts are walking on sand dunes by the water's edge
Team sulle dune
Il team sulle dune
Il team sulle dune