Domiziana Da Ros

Domiziana Da Ros

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Cerimonia fai da te: comincia dalle bomboniere con il nostro tutorial!

one kaleidoscope: IMAGINE, INFLUENCE, INTOXICATE. Photorapher @katrinshulga Mua @leramatorina Model @alana_mamaeva

I just flew back from Houston and it's been a 70 hour week so far. I'm looking forward to a weekend of painting and creative projects!

Design and Illustration By: Alessandra De Gregorio

Organic Nettle Twine

pattern by Minakani #pin #minakani

Sue Lawty Lead sample by tapestry artist Sue Lawty, developing woven tapestry forms into other media

Like the pattern - by janet little - wj couldm't be transferred to liteweight wee?

the veins carved their routes on her skin, he wondered how they'd look if they dug in, started caving inward... mask of dryness, red clay... silt? Captivating, mortifying... imaginations...