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there is a desk with many toys on it
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❤ Blippo ✖ Kawaii Shop ❤ I just love the way this desk is arranged!
a cat sleeping next to a bag with its paw in it's mouth that says cats
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a coffee cup with pencils sticking out of it
Nope don't know
Kawaii mug
an image of a baby travel carrier with animals on the front and bottom, as well as
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Adopt one? ADOPTEDBlue one is Sushi he loves eating. pink one is Hana she is very sweet. ADOPTEDYellow is Oreki he is stubborn and sarcastic. ADOPTEDOrange one is Sun he is very rude and funny. Green is Mochi he likes chilling and relaxing. ADOPTEDPurple is Kiki she is very shy and gentle. And if u adopt a starfish u can name it. ADOPOTEDGolden starfish, ADOPTEDpink starfish and yellow starfish.
a brown bear shaped sandwich with green lettuce on it's side and eyes closed
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Kawaii squishy
four small boxes with pens and pencils in them on a table next to flowers
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a drawing of a white rabbit with pink hearts in its mouth and ears sticking out
Bunny Rabbit
an animated cat is standing in front of the sunset
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a white egg with two brown dots on it's face sitting in the snow
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a small doll house with a cat in it
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Sumikkogurashi animal home plush toy storage box 2
a soap dispenser with an animal design on it
Cute kitty soap dispenser. ~ dispensador de jabón ~ diseño gato
there are many plates on the table with different designs and colors in them, all stacked up next to each other