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July Xude

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July Xude
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Smile, text, anime characters, Yato, Noragami, Natsu, Fairy Tail, Naruto, Ichigo, Bleach, L, Death Note, Saitama, One Punch Man; Anime Please tell me the names of the missing Animes and/or characters if you know

"Smile" Yato {Noragami} Natsu {Fairy Tail} Naruto, Ichigo {Bleach} L {Death Note} etc.

Attack on Titan characters; Attack on Titan

photo snk shingeki no kyojin Mikasa Ackerman AOT attack on titan eren jaeger Armin Arlert Reiner Braun Sasha Braus Connie Springer Jean Kirschtein hanji zoe levi heichou SNKuniverse

Attack on Titan chibis

Attack on Titan chibis, Eren Jaeger, Armin Arlert, Mikasa Ackerman, Levi