In the Pig Leagues Now Socks

Φ Paw Me a Cup Tea Set in Kitten designed Shinzi Katoh. The set includes a pair of small cups with black-and-green trim, as well as a teapot topped with a lid that looks like a cat.


Teapot collection on beautiful green shaker style built in shelves.

Tea-for-one set

British Telephone Box tea for one teaset (stacking teapot and cup), in shape of bright red phone booth, ceramic

Chickadee Tea Set

Chickadee tea for one stacking teaset (teapot and cup/mug) . stacked set resembles white & grey tree trunk, teapot with branch-like handle & spout and small bird as knob, bird on branch forming handle of the mug, ceramic

Tea set

About this photo gallery, we choose carefully, in many different models, we share with you the most beautiful tea sets.

Black Cat Tea Pot

Black Cat Tea For One Set by Miya. Why is the cat tea pot for one?

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