Shelf made out of crates

The best DIY projects & DIY ideas and tutorials: sewing, paper craft, DIY. Best DIY Ideas Jewelry: Turn a pallet into a storage shelf!

Baby's birthmark, mom's tattoo. - how original, and adorable!

My tattoo, her birthmark.

Mom tattooed her child's birthmark on her hand. If I ever have a child with a birthmark


Penguins and babies are cute, but combining the two could just be too much. This baby penguin costume looks just right to us!

This knife might keep me from cutting myself! Genius.

This knife might keep my from cutting myself so much.has my mom written all over it products-i-love

The Majestic Suburban Porch Lion

The Majestic Suburban Porch Lion This is probably the most majestic cat in the world.

Yes please. Where can I find these?

These cool new Flexible Silicone Mixing Bowls by iSi Basics are going to revolutionize how you look at mixing bowls in the kitchen.