Gum paste flowers

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a bouquet of white and pink flowers sitting on top of a table
Garden roses by Petalsweet.
pink flowers with white stems are arranged in a row
Pink freesia flowers and buds.
a large purple flower on a white background
Deep dark anemone in sugar...
three pink and white flowers with green centers
Peach and white ranunculus sugar Petalsweet.
four different pictures of pink and white flowers
Open peony, sweet peas, ranunculus and cosmos...the flowers from my recent classes at Cake Love in Vancouver, BC. By Jacqueline Butler of Petalsweet.
a wreath made out of buttons and flowers on a white surface with the center surrounded by smaller pieces of fabric
Set of 15 sugar flowers: four large, five medium and six small. Use to decorate beautiful cupcakes or border a cake. (Adhere to cake with royal icing or buttercream. Two sets will decorate an 8" cake nicely.) Will keep for up to six months in a cool, dry place. Custom colors and international shipping available, please contact me. Allow 2-3 weeks. ivory $ 38 [custom $ 45]