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My Dragon-born warlock commission by u/kelticwonder [OC]
Il Canto del Guforso: Il Barbaro Fottesega
reddit: the front page of the internet


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Naming the Lab-rats

uomini ratto

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an image of a giant piece of art that is made out of paper
Egyptian God, Thot, Thibaud D'orlandi
an image of a demon playing a guitar
Rocker of Darkness, SG Stonehouse
a painting of a man with green eyes sitting on a chair in front of zombies
The Dead Anarchist by RomanDubina on DeviantArt
Drake, Fantasy Characters, Dungeons And Dragons, Undead
Ghost Pirate |Drake 幽靈船長, Francis Tneh
a drawing of a demon with horns and skulls on his head
3, Eagle Yang
an image of a giant creature with spikes on it's head in the air
The magic of the Internet
an artist's depiction of a man riding on the back of a mammoth
a man with long hair and beard standing in front of a white background wearing armor
Thamur Art - God of War Art Gallery
Vampires, Humanoid Creatures
ArtStation - Explore
a black and white drawing of a caterpillar crawling on a tree branch in the rain
Assimilation Alien Host