Amsterdam With Tulips - passport Challenge: Netherlands #dodibuschallenge

Architecture - Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Visit Netherlands during April - May to see the most beautiful tulip garden in the world - Keukenhof.

STROOPWAFELS (Amsterdam) -passport Challenge: Netherlands #dodibuschallenge

The Best Desserts in the World (and Where to Get Them)

STROOPWAFELS (Amsterdam) Warm, gooey caramel sandwiched between two layers of crispy baked batter. Where to get it: Street carts throughout Amsterdam sell this yummy Dutch waffle.

Fresh dates, Oman - Passport Challenge: Oman, #dodibuschallenge

Fresh dates, Oman. Dates grow in large clusters under the date palm's fronds. Date palms are particularly prolific in the Middle East, where the date has long been a staple food.

passport Challenge: Netherlands #dodibuschallenge

Bulls and Dogs - Foodhallen Amsterdam (main store in oost, for dogs and thick shakes) (a bit skepty given richness of shakes)