vintage toy - travel number puzzle game by christian montone - i remember busting the tiles out and putting them back n how i wanted!

80's <3

thedailywhat: “ Matt Whitwell: “Cassette Rainbow” Prints available here.] ” I used to have a colored cassette collection.

noi che passavamo in pomeriggi a giocare in cortile....dopo i compiti

Supplies needed: chalk or sidewalk paint, stones/bottlecaps or bean bags. Playing hopscotch is easy. First, make the paint to create your hopscotch grid.

L'allegro chirurgo

Operation Board Game - I loved this game when I was a kid! The game is different now. The compartments are larger and the game is not very challenging for kids.


Clackers got banned after a while, but we loved playing with them.they used to bruise our wrists!

le magnéto à cassettes

cassete tape recorder-everyday after school making mixed tapes off the radio!

Le palline matte, che non sapevi mai dove rimbalzavano:)

These superballs use to fly high ! Boy, did they bounce or what!

First cell phone, 1983.

The Evolution of Cell Phone Design Between 1983-2009

sony walkman

Create Digital Music has a nice piece on the Walkman's Birthday. Pretty surprising actually, I don't think I became aware of the Walkman until or so. Peter Kirn makes a good point: "Sony o.

Alf/loved him!

OMG this is absolutely the funniest thing under the Sun. Old but well worth to watch if you can get your hands on it:) - A furry alien wiseguy comes to live with a terran family after crashing into their garage.

le ciabatte di nonna Luisa!

le ciabattecon i buchini!