Boa Mistura · Poesía and Magica

The favela of vila brâsilandia has been given a multicolor by collective Boa Mistura, you will hear a lot about them here, as part of the ongoing project ‘luz nas vielas’.

Boa Mistura · SOMOS LUZ · Divisare

The Style Examiner: ‘Somos Luz’ by Boa Mistura: Throwing Light onto the Deprived City

eLSeed · Perception · Divisare

eL Seed challenges cultural perceptions with city-scale anamorphic art in cairo

MAAM , Giorgio Benni · Museo dell’Altro e dell’Altrove di Metropoliz · Divisare

MAAM , Giorgio Benni · Museo dell’Altro e dell’Altrove di Metropoliz

#‎Art in #‎Rome - #‎Frieze Triumphs and Laments by William Kentridge

William Kentridge, Triumphs and Laments: A Project for the City of Rome, Piazza Tevere, Rome. Photo by Leonardo Puccini

Boa Mistura · A Nice Word... · Divisare

From one of the corners of the old Spanish House, we can read “A kind word” and from the opposite spot, “Opens even an iron gate. A nice Serbian proverb we c.

Outdoor Festival · Divisare

The former barracks Guido Reni in Rome will host the sixth edition of Outdoor, the international festival devoted to urban creativity, from 2 to 31 October

Boa Mistura · VIDA · Divisare

With hundreds of leaves to write the word “vida”, Boa Mistura wishes a new beginning for the families relocated in this new urbanization of social houses in Bogotá.

Boa Mistura · My Root Is · Divisare

My root is / my / life-mother.

Okuda San Miguel · Kaos Temple @ La Iglesia Skate · Divisare

Take me to Church: Street Artist Covers Spanish ‘Skate Temple’ with Murals