Graphic design

8 Pins
three different logos and business cards for the brand macarono, including an image of balloons
Magicogioco - Diversamente
the brochure is designed to look like it has been folded in two different sections
Andreazza - Diversamente
a man holding up a newspaper with an image of a man in the middle and on it
Capitan Maso - Diversamente
the brochure has been designed to look like it is holding an italian flag
Gruppo ANA Budoia - Diversamente
the website is displayed on multiple devices, including an iphone and laptop screen with images of women
Petite Parisienne - Diversamente
three bottles of wine with labels and tags on the bottom one is red, the other is white
Ca' Piadera - Diversamente
four bottles of wine are shown with labels on the front and back of each bottle
Ca' Piadera - Diversamente
a red clock with white and black designs on it's face next to an advertisement
Lignis - Diversamente