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Vecchi Pizzi - Handmade Embroidered Plates

Vecchi Pizzi embroidered handmade side plate - €26.00. #handmade

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Tè Rosa - Handmade Floral Pink Porcelain Dessert Plate

Te Rosa Handmade Porcelain side plates - €22.00. #teatime #handmade #handmade

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Tulipani - Hand-Painted Tulip-Shaped Mini Bowls

Tulipani Tulip-Shaped Mini Bowls - €14.00.

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Mango - Hand-Painted Mango-Shaped Bowls

Mango Hand Painted Artisanal Side Bowls from South Africa - €17.00

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Pensieri - Handmade Written Plates

Pensieri Porcelain Snack Plates with Inspiring Phrases - €30.00.

Arcobaleno - Handmade Colorful Ceramic Side Plate

choco flowers is blooming on Arcobaleno side dish. This handmade signature collection, made exclusively for DishesOnly, is a tribute to Op-Art. Its name, Arcobaleno, rainbow in Italian, recalls its striking pattern of colors. #sideplate #ceramic #madeinitaly

Tribù - Handmade Porcelain Bowls

A stunning handmade porcelain collection of Bowls , perfect for spring gathering. #handmade #spring #bowls #colours

Bonbon - Glass mini Cake Stand

Bonbon - Glass mini Cake Stand – DishesOnly

Iris - Handmade Decorated Porcelain Bowl

Iris porcelain side bowls - €23.00. #soupbowls #porcelain

Acquarello - Porcelain Side Bowl with Watercolor Effect

Acquarello Watercolor Porcelain Side Bowls - €25.00. #handmade #soupbowls