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Art of Fruit Arouse your imagine and turn fruit time into fun DIY show before eating them out.


Owl sandwich with cucumber tree. So cute- and my kid would totally eat those things!

Corazones de salchicha rellenos de huevo

Food fun ideas

Saucisse knack coeur - sausage hot dog hears filled with egg centers Valentines breakfast ideas for kids

Tramezzini!  #summerbag #limoni

Food idea for ADHD kids, totally! Sandwiches with super cute faces. : ) so much fun - add the ingredients to the lunchbox and let the kids make the funny faces - great way to teach children to enjoy fresh food.

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Creative Ideas - DIY Frozen Banana Penguin Snack

Here's the link to the tutorial >> Simple Banana Snack Recipe


I never would have thought of all of these amazing food art ideas, but they really are creative!

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Have you ever given your kids a bunch of fruit to play with and make fun designs? Giving the kids a bunch of fruit pieces to work with and they have to come up with a cool picture.

Uova sode decorate! 20 idee creative a cui ispirarsi…

Uova sode decorate! 20 idee creative a cui ispirarsi...

Samantha Lee and her amazing food art

If you think your packed lunches are boring and dull, take some lessons from stay-at-home-mom-turned-Bento-artist Samantha Lee. In she started making

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