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a pencil drawing of a person holding an object in their hand and looking down at the ground
Twitter @EISAKUSAKU : サロペット。
a woman's head is shown against a blue background
Everything to get her || Juuzou Suzuya x OC - Chapter 2: Reality
#wattpad #fanfiction Tokyo Ghoul FanFic || Juuzou x OC Yuki ha sei anni quando viene consegnata a Big Madam, durante una notte gelida. Allora non le era chiaro come mai fosse ritenuta "speciale", e forse tutt'ora ha dei dubbi a riguardo. Juuzou, allora conosciuto come Rei, ha nove anni quando incontra per la prima volt...
a black and white drawing of some people in a room with lots of bottles on the table
Inside Kim Jung Gi's mesmerising sketchbook
Kim Jung Gi Inside Kim Jung Gi's mesmerising sketchbook