daniel ilsiciliano

daniel ilsiciliano

daniel ilsiciliano
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FULL BODY APPARITION IN HOTEL! From GhostStudy.com - Todd writes: "This was taken at an old hotel. The ghost lady has been known to appear to the patrons there. She seems to have no left arm while the other arm is transparent."

women ghost in bedroom.gif This photo was submitted by JoAnne Shelton . The photograph was taken with a motion activated camera. It is interesting to note that the anamoly cast a shadow.


Natural Images of the beautiful, exotic, and powerful. I have also included some works of art which explore and reveal the beauty of this world of ours. Some nude images are included because of their.


Levi Poulter, born in in Utah, is an American model. Poulter grew up in a small town in the Rocky mountains in Utah.