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a lion standing on top of a hand with clouds in the background
. He Lives in You . by ShootingStar03 on DeviantArt
a baby sloth hanging on the side of a green rail with its paws over it's head
mega ornella
two long haired cows standing next to each other on a field with grass and flowers
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an animal with long horns standing in the grass
Art Now Collection: Horned Highland Cow - Artwork as Art Now Collection - Discover more stunning art prints / wall art / prints / art on LUMAS
a baby cow wearing a hat on top of it's head
Not my pic but edited by me!
a phone case with a drawing of a horse wearing a flower crown on its head
Gifts & Accessories - Equestrian Ipad & Phone Cases - Equestrian Phone Cases - Page 1
a brown and white cow laying on top of a snow covered ground next to tall grass
a black and white drawing of a cat with it's mouth open next to another cat
meinekatze:rispostesenzadomanda:kittieskrafts:(via... - placidiappunti
three cats are sitting in the water and one is looking at the camera while the other looks on
a cat walking across a kitchen floor next to a puddle of water on the ground
Per vincere ci devi credere, con tutto te stesso! (AUDIO)
a cat laying in the water with its reflection on it's face and caption that reads, no te veas de acuerro a la opinion de la genon de la gente mirae
No te veas de acuerdo a la opinión de la gente mirate como Dios te ve