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the driver's side view mirror is shown in red and grey colors, with black accents
Infiniti Prototype 10 at Pebble Beach is classic speedster electrified - Autoblog
three different views of a modern chair made out of plexed glass and plastic
Renault - Takapō
Renault - Takapō on Behance
the interior of a futuristic vehicle is shown in this 3d image, it appears to be an airplane cockpit
Cockpit interior - Quarantine Art, Roberto P.S. Balinado
"Cockpit interior - Quarantine Art" by Roberto P.S. Balinado
a drawing of a futuristic car with its interior and steering wheel in the shape of an airplane
the interior of a bus with blue and green leather seats, television screen in back
This urban van designed for all-night gaming has the ideal setup for fun and leisure - Yanko Design
an orange and white advertisement for a computer chair
the interior of an airplane with blue and green seats, including one arm rests down
Future Design | ALLO
ALLO, una rivoluzionaria esperienza automobilistica, riscrive le regole dell'intrattenimento in viaggio. Fondato su ricerche approfondite che spaziano dal design industriale all'esperienza utente, questo progetto ridefinisce completamente il concetto stesso di viaggio in auto. #DesignInterno #InteriorDesign #Arredamento #FurnitureDesign #MobiliContemporanei #ContemporaryFurniture #MobiliModerni #ModernFurniture #Minimalismo #Minimalism #Eleganza #Elegance #Artigianato #Sustainability #Innovazione #Innovation #Comfort #Comfort #Funzionalità #Functionality #Stile #Style #MaterialiNaturali #NaturalMaterials #Geometria #Geometry #Ergonomia #Ergonomics #Personalizzazione #Customization #Riciclo #Recycling #DesignSostenibile #SustainableDesign #TecnologiaIntegrata #IntegratedTechnology
an overhead view of a car with its top down and the interior showing all parts
Hyundai Seven - Interior Motives Winter 2021
the futuristic vehicle is designed to look like it's driving
Ford Clint self-driving car concept envisions more private carpooling - Yanko Design
The discussion on the future of travel has always been open. It’s actually unclear since we still live in a pandemic world. But like anything, there are endless solutions to problems that often arise. A young Polish industrial designer has recently introduced a design that may be considered by those who believe in carpooling. Mikołaj
an image of a futuristic vehicle with seats
Ford Clint self-driving car concept envisions more private carpooling - Yanko Design
an aerial view of a futuristic car on a surface with geometric shapes in the background
BMW’s Shape-Shifting Concept Car