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Agnolo Bronzino - Portrait of a Young Man - Agnolo Bronzino - Wikipedia

“ Portrait of a Young Man Bronzino (Agnolo di Cosimo di Mariano) (Italian, Oil on wood. The sitter must have belonged to Bronzino’s close circle of literary friends in Florence. Bronzino himself composed verses.

Velazquez - condedqolivares03 - Gaspar de Guzmán y Pimentel - Wikipedia

Velazquez, Conde-duque de Olivares, 1624 Portrait of the Count-Duke of Olivares. Oil on canvas. São Paulo Museum of Art.

Said to be Mary Tudor, daughter of Henry the VIII and Catherine of Aragon

Mary I - (February 1516 - November Daughter of Henry VIII and his first wife, Catherine of Aragon, Mary attempted to restore Roman Catholicism in England during her reign. The execution of Protestants as heretics earned her the sobriquet "Bloody Mary.