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a stamp with an image of a woman talking to a man on the other side
ilclanmariapia: Mafalda
a cartoon character laying on the ground wearing sunglasses with words in spanish above it that say,
vintage & co
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a cartoon dog laying on top of a bed next to the words'si, siamo moloto agitati '
23/6/2015 ultimo giorno esami terza media
a cartoon character sitting on top of a table next to a red heart shaped balloon
.. ristoranti cinesi ..
a card with a cartoon dog holding heart shaped balloons in it's hands and saying, do you love me? no grazie son gia superacente di mio
a person eating a slice of pizza with the caption'se si fa un quatro per renderti felice, e una pizza '
a cartoon girl with long black hair and green dress is looking at the ground while she's holding her head in her hands
Bella sveglia