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the sky is pink and yellow with clouds in front of buildings that are all tall
Ci son giorni che salgo tante scale. Arrivo a sera che ho il fiatone. Ma ad ogni scalino, conosco nuove persone. E quando rientro a casa e mi guardo allo specchio, non vedo il sudore, ma ammiro i r…
a woman sitting on rocks in front of a body of water with the city skyline behind her
Cole Sprouse
a man with a flower in his hair is looking at the camera while wearing a jacket
cole sprouse lockscreen
two different shots of a man with his hands on his face and the other hand over his chin
a young man sitting on top of a wooden chair wearing a brown sweater and khaki pants
collage of many different people and their faces
a woman sitting on the ground with her hand under her chin and wearing a white tank top
a young man standing in front of a house with a jacket on and looking at the camera
three different shots of a young man with his hands on his face and the other half of
cole sprouse lockscreen