Serie DD50 - calamite

Se ancora ti stai chiedendo cosa sia Diamond Dotz® potremmo definirlo come un punto croce 4.0 ma non c’è filo, ne ago, solo una speciale stilo con dei dotz…
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three pieces of beaded art depicting smiley face, ball and shark with teeth on white background
Smile (Calamite) - Diamond Dotz Italia
Smile – Sorriso (Calamite) Area: cm 8.3 x 8.4 Livello Difficoltà: STARTER
a pair of red high heeled shoes next to a pixellated heart shaped object
Posh (Calamite) - Diamond Dotz Italia
Posh – Eleganza (Calamite) Area: cm 7.2 x 6.7 Livello Difficoltà: STARTER
two ladybugs and one peace sign made out of beads
Luck (Calamite) - Diamond Dotz Italia
Luck – Fortuna (Calamite) Area: cm 6.3 x 7.7 Livello Difficoltà: STARTER
an image of beaded cat decorations on white background
Fur (Calamite) - Diamond Dotz Italia
Fur – Gatto (Calamite) Area: cm 7.5 x 4.3 Livello Difficoltà: STARTER
three different types of beaded flowers with butterflies on the top one is red, yellow and orange
Classic (Calamite) - Diamond Dotz Italia
Classic – Classico (Calamite) Area: cm 9 x 8 Livello Difficoltà: STARTER