Orange Is SO in right now (series of posters cre­ated by Kevin Reid for Central Market, which fea­ture illus­tra­tions by Judy Unger.)

Love this vintage fruit crate label. Be in, be cool eat oranges. Beautiful art for the Central Market Citrus Fest.

cute vintage sign

I Love Cupcakes Pink Distressed Kitchen Metal Sign

6 prodotti anni '80 che tutti abbiamo assaggiato! - Loves by Il Cucchiaio d'Argento

6 prodotti anni '80 che tutti abbiamo assaggiato

History of Graphic Design, Italy 1962 Armando Testa #TuscanyAgriturismoGiratola

¤ Italian ad for 'Paulista' ~ Carmencita and Caballero for the coffee Paulista della Lavazza. Italy 1962 by Armando Testa. Via History of Graphic Design Flicker.

Despite my mom's genealogy ideas, I don't believe we're related to Elvis or Oprah. I do know we're related to the DeCecco family, founders of DeCecco Pasta. I think they are my great great grandparents. gms

When making a pasta dinner use a true Italian pasta. I recommend De Cecco pasta as it is readily available. Remember al dente, not stickly pasta. Only add salt to the water in the pot--nothing else.