Young Almarilla saw her village destroyed by the Punk Rock Orcs of the Volleyball Valley. With her pig cleric godfather and the loyal pterobull Santone,. The Quest

Gamora by on @DeviantArt

My take on Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy.

1000 Followers, Partying Hard, Selfie, Sticks, Selfies


Insect Queen by on @DeviantArt

I wasn't convinced about this, but someone told me to post it anyway, cause boobs.

Lady at arms by on @DeviantArt

For the glory of the Emperor! The best smile is a victorious smile! Lady at arms

Widowmaker by on @DeviantArt

Widowmaker by Nuclearpasta

Piratebot by on @DeviantArt

On board, you rusty scumbags!

Laser Runner by on @DeviantArt

Laser Runner by on @DeviantArt

Horror by on @DeviantArt

Horror by on @DeviantArt

Frogdude and Blingbat by on @DeviantArt

Wrong neighborhood motherfuckers Frogdude and Blingbat

Guardian of the server room by on @DeviantArt

Don't mess with my data. Guardian of the server room

a walk to the fey side by on @DeviantArt

When that wormhole gets you to the Faerie Realm and you are suspiciously greeted by locals. a walk to the fey side

Old page from an old project by on @DeviantArt

It's from a comic I was developing years ago.