Yes please - Una casa di libri, libri in cucina, libri in camera, libri in salotto, libri in biblioteca. Vedo libri ovunque.

Perfect place to enjoy books.

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Books are the most quiet and constant friends, and the most patients teachers


Translation: Reading is the food of the mind, and everything that has to do…

Torre dei Libri, Bebelplatz, Berlino

Bebelplatz Library, Berlin Travel Share and enjoy! stack of books sculpture at the Berlin Walk of Ideas, commemorating the invention of modern book printing - Unter den Linden -

Book store in France

The pinner says: Book store, Paris! That love of writing leads to books! The love of books, inspires the passion for writing!

L’eleganza delle donne che leggono libri incanta i passanti. © Aisha Yusaf  #ObiettivoLeggere - @Libriamo Tutti -   via  @littleSbee        © Aisha Yusaf

Give me a red outfit, a good book and hot drink and it ❤️ feels like winter and Christmas time to me!

I libri sono un antidoto alla tristezza. E' proprio vero.

2017 Reading Challenge Jade has read 36 books toward her goal of 55 books. hide 36 of 55 view books Currently Reading: It - Stephen King

i libri...

“Books are my friends, my companions. They make me laugh and cry and find meaning in life.

amo i libri

Day Favorite books I love reading. I love so many books, too, and some I can't even remember the names or authors!

Libri dipendenza

Don't quit reading: ask for help at your bookseller.

Circondarsi di libri

if I'm not careful this is what my chair will look like in the future, I'm always surrounded by a stack of books.

Chi accumula libri, accumula desideri; e chi ha molti desideri è molto giovane, anche a ottant'anni.

Old books are inspiring.on Vintage Books and Anchor Books FB This looks like a lovely place to visit.