.bijouets, Cambiami sunglasses

bijouets that declines printing and traditional techniques in a range of jewelery and accessories, including a line of customizable sunglasses.

.bijouets, Cambiami sunglasses

bijouets printed glasses designed by exnovo. Framing expectations - part of the psychology of pricing quality designs post: a few easy rules of thumb for anyone selling products, especially designers.

Sphere & Net Rings 3D Printed

Sphere Net Rings Printed by .

Dentelle Bracelet 3D Printed

bijouets Professional Printing - gioielli e accessori

Merletto Necklace 3D Printed

Merletto Necklace Printed by .

Gioiello realizzato con stampante 3d | Details

Gioiello realizzato con stampante 3d | Details

Anello Lantern dai motivi arabeggianti | Details

Lantern and Holes rings Printed by .



Epoxy resin brooch by DE.sign

Epoxy resin brooch by DE.

Gioiello realizzato con stampante 3d | Details LessIS di Maria Jennifer Carew

LessIS is a collection of pendants born from the idea of simplifying as much as possible the concept of necklace.

Orecchini in cemento | Details

Orecchini in cemento