The Inverted Triangle Figure's Wardrobe

The Inverted Triangle Figure's Wardrobe

Hi guys, last week we read about the inverted triangle figure and we mentioned three women with the typical characteristic.

The Rectangle Figure's Wardrobe - TOP

The Rectangle Figure's Wardrobe

The Rectangle Figure's Wardrobe - Desires In Style

The Oval Figure's Wardrobe

L'armadio della figura ovale

The Oval Figure's Wardrobe These are great colorful looks that highlight your neckline and fabrics that skim the body!

How to recognize your figure. Which Figure are you? Find out now with our TEST!!!

QUIZ. How to recognize your figure

How to recognize your figure. we created an online quiz in order to make it easier for you to recognize your own figure.

Oval Figure. Characteristics of an Oval Body Shape. WHAT TO WEAR? WHAT TO AVOID?

# The Oval Figure

# The Oval Figure - Desires In Style

Inverted Triangle Figure. Characteristics of an Inverted Triangle Body Shape.

# Inverted Triangle Figure

Rectangle Figure. Physical characteristics of a Rectangle Figure.

# The Rectangle Figure

Today’s advice is about the rectangle figure. what needs to be done to a rectangle figure’s.

The Triangle's Figure Wardrobe

The triangle figure's wardrobe

Triangle Figure. The physical characteristics of a Triangle Figure.

# The Triangle Figure

this time we will be focusing our attention on another body shape: the triangle figure. we have to focus on its horizontal lines: chest-waist-hips.

The Hourglass Figure's Wardrobe. What should hourglass figures always have in their wardrobes?

The hourglass figure's wardrobe

The hourglass figure's wardrobe.What should an hourglass figure always have.V-neck jerseys, georgette shirts, corsets.

Hourglass Figure. Physical characteristics of an Hourglass Body Shape.

# The Hourglass Figure

Physical characteristics of an Hourglass Body Shape.