Un soggiorno stile scandinavo in cui tutto è molto chiaro, pulito, lineare ed essenziale.L'unico tocco di colore è dato dal cactus da compagnia :)

10 lessons to learn from Scandinavian style interiors

Simon Astridge

Gallery of Plywood House / Simon Astridge - 21

9 idee per far ordine in camera da letto #hogarhabitissimo

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Michelle - Blog #Bench in #Dining #Room Fonte : http://residencestyle.com/dining-room-decorating-ideas-inspiration/

But bench also no window side? Kitchen and dining area layout for a small apartment. The long bench combined with wooden chairs is a really nice idea. Single stools would be uncomfortable but a cushioned bench is something else.

See how we break this relaxing nook down into items you can buy for your home (image: http://srta-pepis.tumblr.com) | RevolvingDecor.com

I love the earthy feel and the honest materials. I N S P I R A T I O N: earth tones, hammock inside

The swing for your interiors: the dream for all ages!

indoor swing I want this in my house! I love to swing! This is a must have for me, an indoor swing!

Immagine 1644 « Galleria specchi-e-origami-spotti-milano-by-studiopepe « Specchi e Origami – Spotti Milano by Studiopepe | Anteprime dal mondo

Styling, Set Design and Interiors by Studiopepe, Milano. Wouldn't it be an amazing idea to make this a desk which you are able to hoist up, if more space is required?

Binnen schijnt de zon! Want met deze slimme styling-ideeën geef je je huis dat…

VT Wonen: Frans Uyterlinde, photography by Jansje Klazinga. The Louix Chairs is an original Alexandre Arrazole Martagon design from Aleks Design Studio.