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...look closely, for this reality is merely a mirror show designed with no escape.


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Leonardo De Vinci might actually know everything about everything worth knowing about.

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Eternal Slacking Laundry Jungle | Bizarro Blog!

Absence of thought does not mean a blank. There must be someone to be aware of that blank. Knowledge and ignorance pertain only to the mind and are in duality, but the Self is beyond them both. It is pure Light. There is no need for one Self to see another. There are no two selves. What is not the Self is mere non-self and cannot see the Self. The Self has no sight or hearing; it lies beyond them, all alone, as pure Consciousness. ~ Ramana Maharshi.

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“ Happiness is your nature. It is not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside. ” ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi

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- Carl Jung

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Carl Jung

Who Looks Outside Dreams, Who Looks Inside Awakens @ TheWickerMan

Uhm..yeah, not so sure I should open that Pandora's box. Partial quote from 'Red Book.'

Carl Jung on Madness