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These cute pencils actually are 7 different colored crayons that can be stacked together, sorting the colors as you wish. They’ll become the perfect tool to make your day happier! Find it on

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A cute and fluffy charm, perfect to cuddle, hug… and squeeze! These soft friends can make your handbag or smartphone look even more beautiful. And don’t forget they’re also useful de-stressing toys! Lovely panda-shaped squishies, perfect for smartphones and bags, with a handmade pendant in polymer clay. Find it on

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Have you haver tasted macarons? Even if these squishies are so realist and soft please try to resist from biting them! They’ll give a wonderful touch of color to your handbag or your mobile phone. The Golosqueeze Huge are hand-finished and embellished with handmade lil’ fruits. Find it on

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Sweet kawaii charms for your smartphone. The lower part is made of microfiber, perfect to clean the screen of your mobile. Find it on

Even having a tea is a serious business… what about making it more kawaii? You can give a touch of cuteness to your daily tea break with MatMatMat, a set of 5 colored saucers. Find it on

Every time you need an eraser it’s almost impossible to find one! With Magommas you’ll never have this kind of problems anymore: these beautiful pencils have a built-in eraser… really useful, even if the eraser looks so cute that it’ll be hard using it to erase! Find it on

Something you should always have in your bag… the Kawapens! They’re colorful, funny and - most of all - kawaii. Choose now your favorite one and add it to your personal stationery. Find it on

These colorful pills are filled with fun… and they hide a retractable ballpoint pen! Find it on

The best place to keep your loose change! The Mini Kawallets are lovely purses that you should always carry with you. Tender and kawaii, they’re made of soft plush, with cotton lining and handmade pendant. Find it on

The sweetest place to store your contact lenses! Colorful, delicious and incredibly sturdy, these cases are a must for all kawaii girls! Choose your favorite model and carry it always with you :) Find it on