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an open door in the side of a building made out of small rocks and bricks
estudio macías peredo sculpts 'privada lomas del valle,' a fortress-like gate in mexico
estudio macías peredo sculpts fortress-like 'privada lomas del valle'
two open windows on the side of a stone building
Gallery of SH House / Paulo Martins - 19
SH House, Sever do Vouga, Portugal / Paulo Martins
an open wooden door on the side of a building with concrete floors and white walls
weber+winterle architetti
weber+winterle architetti
an outdoor swimming pool surrounded by wooden decking next to a large stone building with glass doors
giordano hadamik wraps villa with natural stone façade in coastal italy
a wooden table sitting on top of a wooden deck next to a stone wall covered building
Photo 11 of 12 in This Teak Outdoor Living Collection Pairs…
Photo 11 of 12 in This Teak Outdoor Living Collection Pairs Sustainability and Scandinavian-Inspired Style - Dwell
two lights that are on the side of some concrete walls and flooring in an empty room
a long hallway with shelves and lamps on either side, leading to the other rooms
an empty hallway with pictures on the wall and wood flooring in front of it
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modern living room and dining area with wood paneling