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The Dragons of Chrysos by Debora Montanari

An adventure that takes the reader into another dimension Chrysos to know a King, the Dragon, and other extraordinary characters. Technology, magic, alchemy, romance and mystery, a contemporary fantasy and sci-fi novel full of twists and sense of wonder.
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Earth Dragon. Dragon of Earth is the key to save Chrysos.


She's the Queen of the water

Lara is the Queen of the Nature, the Dragon of the Earth

The King of Chrysos is reflected in the stars in Draco constellation.

The King of Chrysos, the Dragon, looks at the stars. He's star.

The world of Chrysos is made of gold.

In two parallel universes connected by Secret Doors, there are the Earth and the world of Chrysos, true utopia where technology and nature go hand in hand. But a terrible catastrophe is going to destroy Chrysos. The only hope of salvation is on our Earth where there is a woman with extraordinary powers.

Here be Dragons…………………..

Sky Dragon. In the novel the dragons are not winged being of traditional fantasy, they're special men.

The first novel of the Chrysos Saga. Hardcover by Maria Chiara Rossetti.