Debora Lai

Debora Lai
Debora Lai
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Felice Casorati - Natura morta con due uccellini - Tempera su cartone - cm.

Arte per poveri · Félix Vallotton - Bather — mit Raffaele La Piano, Codruța Elena, Éva Bendi und Harun Demir.

In Bacon painted ‘Study after Velazquez's Portrait of Pope Innocent X’. This painting, commonly referred to as 'The Screaming Pope', was based on Velazquez's 'Portrait of Pope Innocent X' of 1650 and is considered to be Francis Bacon’s masterpiece.

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From chair sex to ponytail ties, this captivating survey of work by more than 50 artists – from Louise Bourgeois to Lee Miller and Sarah Lucas – is brimming with visual puns, lewd gags, absurdity and horror