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Sam Winchester
two different shots of a man with blood on his face and the other half of his face
three different shots of the same man looking up at something in the distance, and then staring straight ahead
We Are Made Of Stardust
three different images of the same man in suits and ties, one with his eyes closed
Be strong in the times where you want to be weak. -Jensen Ackles
a close up of a man's face with green eyes
Walker ☆ Texas ☆ Ranger on Twitter
the twilight saga movie poster with two men standing next to each other and one man sitting down
Supernatural Tentation (@SpnTentation) on X
a man with his eyes closed and the words there will be peace when you are done
I see light at the end of this tunnel: Photo
Winchester Brothers, Supernatural Sam, Winchester Supernatural
Where you tend a rose, a thistle cannot grow
a group of men with their eyes closed and the words your drown soul written on them
Super-Winchester Art on Twitter
several different pictures of the same man in suits and ties, one with his hand on his hip
Mary Ann Thomas on Twitter
a painting of a man holding a book in front of a black and white background
Journal of A Man of Letters