Fairies in a jar

Fairies in a jar

Fairies in a jar. Mason jar or clear plastic bottle. Glow stick and Diamond Glitter. cut top of glow stick and dump in jar, add diamond glitter, replace lid tightly. Shake and wa-la fairies in a jar :)


Keep Calm & Get Tattoos Amen!


passing notes in class.way before texting. lol this brings back so many fun memories trying not to be caught passing notes and finding new ways to fold them up ;

White Peacock

Funny pictures about The marvelous albino peacock. Oh, and cool pics about The marvelous albino peacock. Also, The marvelous albino peacock photos.


so I have an american accent and I never shut up, but I'd talk even more with a british. I'd never stop if I had an Irish accent.

Rosanna Rosannadanna

Loved Gilda Radner as Roseanne Roseanna Danna.When Saturday Night Live was at its best!


Princess Leia Han Solo The Fredericksons- Pixar Star Wars mashup

Gratitude ~ Joy

Gratitude: Ten Reasons For A Grateful Heart & Blog Awards…

Gratitude is the heart's memory ~ French proverb

wish i had a bird that would do this..

I'm right there with ya, bird.