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the Son of no Religion by on @deviantART

That what happens when you're the son of a christian mother (yes, yes I know she died at birth but I had to!) and a Muslim father. the Son of no Religion

If Ben Franklin ended up being Connor's Leonardo...

Assassin's Creed III: Ben Franklin's Upgrade Shop - Okay, I really, REALLY shouldn't be laughing at this (my Canadian royalist side would be appalled if I did), but I can't help it!

"And they've been best friends ever since." "Leap of Faith" by LilayM on

Altair is like a big child - he can't loose, really. Too bad he's got tools to manage to achieve that xD Me and ~garnet-lynx are fooling with poor Alty here. I know it's shitty comic but I draw the.

[AC1] What Altaïr left behind by DoubleLeaf on DeviantArt

Short fiction of what may have happened to Malik and Kadar after Altair got thrown out of the temple at the beginning of The movie can be seen here.

[AC1] Making some changes // HE DOESNT SUSPECT A THING *evil laugh*

A friend of mine introduced assassin's creed to me last week and I'm now looking forward to play Altair and Malik are so cute together and I can't . AC: Leap of Faith