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I got Jedi Shadow! What Type Of Jedi Are You?

What Type Of Jedi Are You? You got: Jedi Shadow Jedi Shadows are the most mysterious of the Jedi Order, and some within the Jedi ranks deny they even exist at all. Shadows work directly with the Jedi First Knowledge Council and work covertly to seek out a

Construction permit please. - Imgur

Neo Tokyo inspiration - mixing the old in with the new, traditional Japanese buildings shown down at the ground level in amidst the bright street lights from all the street vendors and businesses. Set to a backdrop of towering sky-scrappers plunging into

ArtStation - Blue Valley, Finnian Macmanus

This is my work from a collaborative project with Jonathan Powell, Kevin Jick and Alec Bickelhaupt. Blue Valley is the first of four zones we are designing- an area inspired by coral formations. The planet was once peaceful but has been targeted as a