Once Upon A Time... Laura Antonelli

An Evolving List In a time not so different from today, beauty inhabited the earth. Hear ye, hear ye to the women of yesteryear.

Laura Antonelli

Laura Antonelli (born: November Pula, Croatia - June Ladispoli, Italy) was a Film Italian actress. She appeared in 45 films between 1965 and

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Laura Antonelli 1941-2015

A los 73 años muere Laura Antonelli, símbolo sexual en los 70's

Laura Antonelli Gorgeous and THAT is a nice hairstyle. It would be perfect for my curly hair.

Tetazas buenazas Ne Il merlo maschio

È morta Laura Antonelli, la Malizia al cinema. Icona sexy e disperata

Tetazas buenazas Ne Il merlo maschio

Laura Antonelli.

Laura Antonelli.