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black and white grungy paint strokes on a white background, set of four
Grunge border details stock vector. Illustration of dripping - 9386345
the borders and layers no4 for photoshopped
Digital Scrapbooking at Katie Pertiet Designs
black and white grungy brush strokes set - miscellaneous objects / art brushes on separate layers
Set of grunge edges
a black and white grungy background with a striped banner in the middle,
an abstract image of a clock with red and black paint splattered on it
an abstract black and white design with lines in the shape of trees on a white background
digital flaming cyber skull by NeoGzus on DeviantArt
an abstract black and white design with lines in the middle, on a white background
abstract tech by pnutink on DeviantArt
two pictures of the same arm with black and white designs on it, one is half covered in honeycombs
the arm is covered in black ink and has an intricate design on it, as well as
For Bruno.
the legs and arms are covered in black ink, with trees on both sides of them
Watercolor Tattoos
an info sheet showing different types of technology
Futuristic Interface - Ten Brushes