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Soul Shards - Grey Warden Oath Pendant - Bottle Vial Necklace - Darkspawn Blood Pendant Version 2

"The darkspawn are a race of mostly-humanoid tainted creatures that dwell in the Deep Roads. According to the Chantry, they were created when the magisters of the Tevinter Imperium opened a portal int

Dragon age 2

If those kittens had been in the damn chantry maybe he wouldn't have blown them up, stupid Anders. ~Anders has Kittens by runaire on deviantART

Object source lighting (OSL)

One of the most eye-catching effects in miniature painting is source lighting, where a glowing object casts light on the rest of the miniature.

Blessed with sentience, and an insatiable hunger for souls to power it, Deathjack roams, slaughtering entire villages to quell its hateful hunger. - Warmachine Deathjack. Go Cryx! For Toruk!

It's the opener for a Warmachine® scenario in the Mephisto Magazine Here the Cryx are trying to rebuild the fabulous De.