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Fate/EXTELLA figma Action Figure : Nero Claudius  #fateextella #nero #figma #actionfigure #hypetokyo

" From the popular game "Fate/EXTELLA" comes a figma of the Saber servant, Nero Claudius ! The smooth yet posable figma joints allow you to act out a variety of different sc.

Saber, Gilgamesh, Lancer, Caster, Rider, Berserker, Assassin

Fate Zero Blu Ray Box Set - This Fate Zero Blu Ray Box Set consists of episode including un-aired new footage. This box set contains exclusive box artwork by Takashi Takeuchi, the Fate/Zero Original Soundtrack volume

Cheap figures collectibles, Buy Quality pvc action figure directly from China model toy Suppliers: Anime Fate/Stay night Fate/Grand Order Saber Assassin Mysterious Heroine X PVC Action Figure Collectible Model Toys Doll

Fate/Grand Order PVC Statue 1/7 Assassin/Scathach 27 cm

Fate/Grand Order PVC Statue 1/7 Assassin/Scathach 27 cm

Siegfried, Saber

armor closed mouth cloud commentary request dark skin dark skinned male dragon eis expressionless fate/apocrypha fate (series) from below gauntlets glowing glowing tattoos greaves green eyes highres long hair male focus pauldrons saber of black should

absurdres alternate costume armor bodysuit breastplate cape covered navel fate/grand order fate (series) full body gauntlets greaves hand on hip highres long hair looking at viewer purple hair red eyes scathach (fate/grand order) shijiu (adamhutt) sh