Daria Vitali

Daria Vitali

Sono il respiro che ti tocca.
Daria Vitali
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Water Drinks - infused with fruits and vegetables. Trade in the juice box and fizzy soda for the ultimate calorie-free sip. With no added sugar and virtually no calories, infused waters are an easy way to increase water intake.

South African designer Porky Hefer is showing a killer-whale-shaped chair from his Monstera Deliciosa collection of animal-themed "nests" at Design Miami

Salted Gingersnap Mallomars

A gingersnap cookie bottom, soft marshmallow center, and a rich chocolate shell makes this treat by one for the books! We know a man in a big red suit who would be all about these Salted Gingersnap Mallomars on his cookie platter!